Rent to Own

Would you like to own your own home instead of paying someone else’s mortgage? You should consider doing a rent to own. A house is more than just a building made of wood or brick, it’s financial stability, peace of mind and most of all it’s your family’s future.

For whatever reason, you have been told you can not qualify for a traditional mortgage. Maybe you have poor credit? Maybe you have no credit at all? Maybe you are self-employed and can not show sufficient income to satisfy the bank’s requirements? Maybe you have just been through a divorce? Or maybe you just do not have enough money for a down payment?

Whatever the reason you’ve been unable to own your own home in the past, that all changes RIGHT NOW!!

Why? Because we believe that it is everyone’s right to own their own home regardless of their circumstances. I know you are probably thinking there has to be a catch, but I can assure you, there is no catch.

Our Rent to Own Program is designed to help you repair or build your credit and obtain your own mortgage as quickly as possible, all while the value in your home increases throughout the rental period.

So how long is that rental period? Most of our clients are able to obtain their own financing in just 2 years, but some people need a bit more, or even a bit less time. We work with you to get a good understanding of your situation, then build a program that is unique to you, and designed for your success. Your Rent to Own home is waiting for you to move in. That home can be where ever you want, as long as the numbers make sense. We work with you to show you how it all works and never leave a question unanswered.

You can also fill out a home ownership questionnaire and a Primary Choice Representative will call you for a free initial consultation regarding your plans for home ownership!

Call us today at 250-505-7420  to learn more about the program and how we work with your best interests in mind.

Also please visit our page for frequently asked questions.

Note: We do not act as your real estate agent in these transactions. We are investors who are selling you the property and/or our interest in the property.