Who We Are

Jessica Curran- Founder, Real Estate Investor, Creative Financier

I moved to Nelson to raise my children here in 2011. My children’s father, Shawn Curran, grew up here and we wanted to live in a great community.

I had been studying real estate for a long time and been working closely with real estate investors from Alberta, where I’m from originally, and Vancouver.

I really liked the model of lease option real estate, which is Renting to Own properties. It allows individuals who need to save more for a down payment or have minor credit issues work on attaining home ownership through living in a property that they would eventually buy. For example, many people who come out of University have a lot of debt and can’t buy. Young families, who are just getting started with their careers and are raising children at the same time, have so many expenses they often can’t afford to buy homes. I know that – I actually rented to own my first property.

I work with a team of Realtors, lawyers and mortgage brokers and we pre-qualify our tenant/buyers before they move in because we want them to be able to buy the home. I care about these people,
as well as the owners of the properties that I help facilitate the rent to owns with. Everyone I work with, I have a relationship with and they become my friends. I genuinely want to help bridge the gap into homeownership. I believe this is why my company has become so successful.

In a small town reputation is everything.

Because of the support of my clients, I have expanded beyond Nelson doing Rent To Owns in other towns. Primary Choice Homes now covers the whole West Kootenays, from Trail to Nakusp to Grand Forks.

jessicafamily7I was also elected to sit on the Affordable Housing Committee with the City of Nelson and I volunteer with other organizations such as Habitat For Humanity. Housing on all levels is important to me. And I’ve had the pleasure of being on the Front Page of the Kootenay Business Magazine as a Mover and Shaker for business in the community. That’s a really nice honour.

Andrew Degenhardt – Customer Service Representative/IT Coordinator

I started out helping Primary Choice Homes with their Web site a few years ago and began to learn about the Rent-to-own industry through my work on the Primary Choice Website. I was always interested in doing more for Primary Choice Homes, and then one day the opportunity arose for me to help in a customer service capacity. It felt like a good fit for me as I am very interested in helping people become a new homeowner, as well as having a drive to learn about the field of home ownership.

It is important for me to honestly and fully learn about something; and if I don’t understand something, ask somebody who knows. I will do my best to answer every question you have. If I don’t know the answer, I will find it and get back to you.

What I have learned so far about the Rent-to-own business is that there are important decisions to make, there is personal discipline to work on, and most importantly there is the understanding of where one is going. These are not light matters and it is important to work hard at them. So I will do my best to be of service, and along the way I will learn as much as I can so I can help better.

RC 18RC 26Norm Eisler – East Kootenay Associate

I moved from Coastal BC to the Interior 8 years ago to provide a better quality of life for my family, and now make my home in Creston.  I have been working as a Registered Massage Therapist since 2002 and it has been a very rewarding career on many levels.

The opportunity to work with Jessica in expanding Primary Choice Homes to the East Kootenays is an exciting one for me. I know this will be a great model for the East Kootenays as it provides the opportunity for more people to own their own homes. Expanding local ownership is not only good for individuals and families, it also strengthens our local economy and our local communities.

As a father, I know the importance of providing a stable home for ones family, and the pride that comes in home ownership. I look forward to working with you in making your home ownership dreams a reality.