“I just wanted to say thank you to Jessica, Andrew, Shawn and everyone else that took part in making it happen. We were 2 days away from being homeless and we were able to get past that, we will always be grateful. If you are unsure or unclear if you qualify talk to Jessica and her team, they will let you know where you stand and point you in the right direction.” – Richard, Rent-to-own customer



“I feel very honoured to be given a few awards for doing what I love do to…”

40 Under 40, Jessica Curran owner of Primary Homes Corp.

Women in Business Nomination West Kootenays  Jessica Curran

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What a few people have to say about Jessica and Primary Choice Homes:

“Hard working, honest, innovative and concerned about the affordability of homes for working people. Jessica is a positive influence on the lives of many people in the Kootenays.”— Michael Dailly

“Jessica is an amazing role model in our community. She gives people the opportunity to purchase a home, through rent-to-own, and helps them stabilize themselves within the community. She’s a kind-hearted and community-oriented successful businesswoman.”—Leah Vivian

“Jessica brings a ray of sunshine and positive feelings of hope in providing alternate solutions to families seeking homes. Her hard work, cheerful efforts, enthusiasm, candid initiative and responsible attitudes towards the betterment of the West Kootenay communities is deserving of a nomination.”—Elrene Dwernychuk