Four Easy Ways to Harness Solar Power at Home

The price of solar technologies has dropped in recent years. Is now the time to hop on the bandwagon? Even if you’re not fully convinced, there are small steps you can take today to reduce your environmental footprint and save money through solar.

1) Solar lighting.

Eliminate the need for extension cords or pricey landscape lighting installations by opting for solar lights outdoors. In addition to smaller pathway lights, you can find floodlights and security lights with solar cell batteries.

2) Solar garden and décor features.

Solar-powered garden décor, such as water features, help make a statement without breaking the bank.

3) Solar chargers.

Instead of plugging your tablet or phone charger into an indoor outlet, invest in a solar charger that will allow your portable electronic device to run on the power of the sun.

4) Passive solar.

Even without solar panels, you can still make your home benefit from the position of the sun. Effective window treatments can make a big difference in your heating and cooling bill.

David Stone – Real Estate Investor

Tuza Investments Ltd.